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* Recorded live during a demo meeting using business plan with premium voice. Not previously scripted.

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Use Cases

AI Assistant for Everyone

Call to book a restaurant reservation? No problem. Do a phone screening for the waiter position? No problem.

Appointment Scheduling

Enjoy more free time as it takes care of booking doctor visits, salon appointments, and restaurant reservations with just a simple command.

Customer Service Support

Gnbly can simply navigate through a phone system by pressing keys and then complete the task. Say goodbye to long waiting times on hold as it efficiently resolves your issues and gathers crucial information.

Business Inqueries

Empower yourself with easy access to information from businesses using Gnbly's proficient inquiry capabilities.

Outbound Sales Call

Looking to do scripted calls, bulk calls (how does 100 calls within 5 min sound?), etc.? Check out our sister product NatterGPT, a business version of Gnbly.

Introducing your ultimate AI assistant, designed to make your life simpler and connected.

Call recording

Navigate through IVR (press buttons)

Transfer to human in the middle of the call

Handle both incoming and outgoing calls

Call summary / Lead qualification report


Frequently Asked Questions

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We are priced to support a wide range of use cases. From personal assistant to Enterprise support dispatcher.

  • Hobby
  • $20
  • per month
  • Pick your own virtual number for the agent
  • Includes 60 min of phone call- enough for 60 short calls
  • Free templates for job prompts
  • Free call summary
  • Basic Community support
  • Pro
  • $200
  • per month
  • Everything in Hobby Plan
  • Includes 8 hours of phone call
  • Call Recording
  • Interact with IVR i.e. press keys during the call
  • Forward calls to user during the conversation
  • Email support - 3 business day turnaround
  • Business
  • $2,000
  • per month
  • Everything in Pro Plan
  • Includes 60 hours of phone call
  • Let Gnbly handle incoming calls
  • Let Gnbly be sales/customer support during incoming calls
  • Lead qualification report for incoming calls
  • Email support - 1 business day turnaround
  • Phone support for emergencies - same day turnaround
Looking to do scripted calls, bulk calls (how does 100 calls within 5 min sound?), etc.? Check out our sister product NatterGPT, a business version of Gnbly.
Interested in the Enterprise Plan? Reach out to us and let's talk.
* We are sorry that we cannot offer a free trial at the moment, as this project is completely bootstrapped and we do not have much budget to work with. This $3 trial will renew every 2 days with 5 min soft cap.


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